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Mining maintenance engineering

Company: Terrafame Ltd http://www.terrafame.fi/

Partners since: 2015

Projects: Design and alteration work connected to mining establishment maintenance, strength calculation, installation drawings and instructions for large tanks.

Mining maintenance engineering

Terrafame Ltd is a Finnish mining company. Its multi-metal mine in Sotkamo produces primarily nickel and zinc through bio-heap leaching. Its aim is environmentally-friendly, sustainable, safe and financially profitable mining operations.

Karibu Oy has supplied maintenance design and carried out alteration work on tanks and pressure equipment. The projects have also included strength calculation for the maintenance hatches, installation drawings and instructions for large tanks, for example.

A natural choice

The co-operation of Terrafame Ltd and Karibu Oy began in 2015. “Karibu originally created designs for the tank supplier, so it felt natural to obtain design from them,” says Design Engineer Risto Meriläinen at Terrafame Ltd. The first project of Karibu Oy and Terrafame Ltd involved maintenance and alteration work on a storage tank.

Designs to standard

Meriläinen has been happy with the co-operation between Karibu Oy and Terrafame Ltd. He feels that their communication has been good and reliable. Meriläinen grades Karibu’s quality and professional skills as very good.

When asked about project schedules, Meriläinen summarises his opinion as “completely OK”. Meriläinen describes Karibu’s actions as swift and has been satisfied with the end results. He is happy to recommend Karibu’s engineering services to others: “The designs were good and fully compliant with the standards.”