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Design of factory chimneys

Company: SST-Team Oy (http://www.sst-team.fi/)
Partners since: 2014
Projects: Designing steel flues for a concrete chimney, renovation of a concrete chimney, design of platform structures and maintenance platforms.

Design of factory chimneys

SST-Team and Karibu have worked together for several years. These years have included small-scale design work as well as two big projects: The design of steel flues for a concrete chimney in Äänekoski (2015–2016) and the renovation and repair of a concrete chimney in Naislahti (2014–2015). The smaller projects have included the design of platform structures and maintenance platforms.

Industrial chimneys from design to installation

SST-Team Oy specialises in the design, installation and investments of steel structures and flues for inside industrial concrete chimneys. SST-Team Oy also provides condition surveys and the repair and maintenance of industrial chimneys. Although the company itself is young (established in 2014), its personnel have over 20 years of experience in the field.

Co-operation between Karibu Oy and SST-Team Oy

SST-Team Oy offers its customers a turnkey service from design to installation. According to Managing Director Jarko Laitinen of SST-Team Oy, the planning of a turnkey project can be divided into three stages: creating the work programme in the first stage, forming rough plans based on the work programme in the second stage, and implementing the product development, strength calculation and final engineering drawings in the third stage. Jarko Laitinen emphasises that the plans of the first and second stage have a great impact on the installation time and costs of the project.  SST-Team Oy has chosen Karibu Oy as its design partner for the third stage.

Laitinen was already familiar with Karibu Oy. For Laitinen, Karibu was a natural choice because he had “become acquainted with the office” through joint projects. Laitinen has felt that Karibu has handled projects well, and he likes that “Karibu is also nearby if there is a situation that needs face-to-face communication”.

Professional design

The co-operation of SST-Team Oy and Karibu Oy has gone well. Laitinen himself has many decades of experience with the design, renovation and installation of industrial concrete chimneys. Laitinen states that it is sometimes challenging to transfer his know-how to designers due to busy schedules, but he feels that the designers of Karibu Oy have done a good job even at busy times.

According to Laitinen, Karibu Oy has also stayed on project schedule well: “If the situation has been tight sometimes, we have talked things through and made our way forward and taken care of things.”

Laitinen considers Karibu a professional partner that always strives to do its very best. He knows that it is a challenging business that demands a lot from designers. He says: “It is a handicraft field, and things take place in the mind. In that sense, I am satisfied.” Laitinen is happy to recommend Karibu and its services.