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Consulting and measuring services

Karibu Ltd. offers consulting services for the needs of industrial operators, local governments and organizations of all sizes.

Consulting services

Karibu Ltd. is known as a pioneer of Finnish industrial design. Our long history of cooperation with different sub-sets of industry and companies has allowed us to grow into a leading expert of engineering design, project management and leadership.

We have years of experience working with others in international projects, and know the most typical challenges and solutions that arise in engineering projects. The way we conduct business has established trust between us and our clients, especially among the Finnish wood processing industry where we’ve been a respected consultant since our founding in 1987.


Our consulting is based on the ideas of teamwork and resource optimization. Cost and energy efficiency are the number one priority of our consulting service.


Our values are responsible for directing how Karibu Ltd. conducts business. They are professionalism, punctuality, responsibility, risk management, teamwork, consistency and creativity. These values are not marketing terms; they form the basis of our everyday work and will not be compromised.
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Measuring and simulation

The quality of our services is based on years of experience in engineering design and measurements of the relevant devices or locations. We offer our expertise in conducting effective measurements of key values pertaining to the scope of design. The measurements can be done locally, via logging or remotely in real-time.

Measurements are used to provide the client with analyses, reports and if necessary, simulations. The results will be discussed with the client, and we will provide our suggestions on how to proceed or correct any problems.

We are able to provide the following measurements:

  • Energy
  • Acoustics
  • Environmental noise
  • Dust and concentration
  • Corrosion
  • Flow measurements for both liquids and gases
  • Measurements relating to industrial processes and their problems
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Pressure

Our simulation services include the following:

  • Flow modeling and simulation
  • Heat conduction calculations and simulation
  • Sound simulation
  • Explosion simulation