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Stress analysis and strength calculations

We have 30 years of extensive experience with stress analysis and strength calculations. We’ve been a part of many industrial projects, and are able to provide stress analysis for nearly any device or structure, regardless of location.

Stress analysis

Stress analysis provides accurate data on the stress experienced by structures and devices. Stress analysis is used to determine and confirm the shapes and materials used in the design in order to prevent failures. When stress analysis is taken into account in the design process as early as possible, the number of necessary prototypes and the amount of time taken up by testing can be significantly reduced.

The most cost efficient way is to take stress analysis into account as early as possible in the design process of devices and structures. This way the necessary shape and materials can be determined as early as possible during the project.

The building requirements of structures have gotten stricter over the years, and as a result stress analysis provides an essential service in their design process.

We take stress analysis into account in machine and equipment design in order to achieve a higher quality end product for our customer. This translates to a faster delivery time, and savings in material expenses. In addition to stress analysis and reports, we are able to provide consulting on how the structure and usage of a product could be improved.




FEM-analysis is our typical method of stress analysis, and is used to create a report according to the demands of our client. We’ve performed FEM-analysis based on the EN 1993 standard.

Our stress analysis includes exact documentation, which guarantees that the product and structure fit the demands of our client and are compliant with the requested or necessary standards.

We are able to provide the following types of stress analysis:

  • FEM-analysis
  • Pressurized tanks (EN 13445)
  • Steel structures
  • Silos and chimneys (EN 1993)
  • Stress analysis of tanks (API I650, EN 14015, EN 13445)

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