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Industrial engineering

Karibu Ltd. has been a part of Finnish industrial engineering for 30 years. We know the challenges presented by industrial processes well, and are able to provide services ranging from preliminary designs to full system deliveries according to our customers’ needs.


Industrial engineering

We offer high-quality engineering services and solutions focused on energy and cost efficiency ranging from preliminary planning to full system implementation.

Our industrial engoneerong services are suitable for all sub-sets of industry, including paper and pulp, mechanical wood processing, steel and engineering works, food, medicine and energy.

We are able to identify and solve industrial challenges and provide comprehensive energy and cost efficient solutions for all types of industrial needs.

Our industrial design includes:

  • Industrial HVAC engineering.
  • Preliminary designs and layout-design
  • Process piping and process engineering
  • Steel structure engineering
  • Maintenance platform design
  • FEM-analysis

Our expertise includes process engineering for different types of industry, specialized HVAC solutions, and measurements, which can either be provided as part of design or system deliveries or as an individual service.

Our system deliveries include: Engineering, Project leading and management, Invitations to tender and Procurement and installations.

Industrial specialized HVAC

We’ve been a part of the most significant industrial projects in Finland as leading experts in industrial HVAC engineering. In addition to domestic industrial plants, we’ve provided solutions for the international locations of our Finnish clients in China, the USA, Great Britain, Europe, Russia and Africa. Our international projects have taught us how to best take into account and utilize the local climate to provide saving and efficiency for HVAC systems.

Karibu Ltd.’s mastery of specialized HVAC solutions and systems allows our clients to reduce their energy consumption significantly. Our designs are focused on being cost and energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our expertise includes:

  • Free cooling
  • Adiabatic cooling and adiabatic process cooling
  • Piping design
  • High capacity heating and cooling systems (0.1-20 MW)
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Chemical and mechanical filtering
  • Dust suppression
  • Fire Protection
  • Humidification and dehumidification
  • Industrial ventilation with large air flows (100-700  m3/s)

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Industrial process engineering

Process engineering has been a part of Karibu’s services since our founding in 1987. We’ve been a part of countless process designs in all sub-sets of industry in both Greenfield projects and in optimizing the processes of operational plants and factories.

The vast experience we’ve accrued over the years gives us an excellent aptitude to face new challenges or specialized requests in industrial design.

Our process engineering expertise includes:

  • Specialized HVAC
  • Pneumatic systems and transport
  • Chemical and mechanical filtration
  • Projection and project management services
  • Plant & factory design
  • Process and piping design
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Industrial machines and equipment
  • Systems
  • Hydraulics and circulation lubrication
  • Track wetting and cooling (Freshwind – system)


In addition to local measurements, we are able to perform logging and remote measurements in real-time. We are also able to perform on-line measurements from process lines. The measurements are used to create relevant analyses, reports and simulations if necessary.

We are able to provide the following measurements:

  • Energy
  • Acoustics
  • Environmental noise
  • Dust and concentration
  • Corrosion
  • Flow measurements for both liquids and gases
  • Measurements relating to industrial processes and their problems
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Pressure
  • Smoke tests