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HVAC engineering

HVAC engineering is an important part of our diverse set of design services. We have years of experience in designing HVAC systems for challenging projects, and are able to take on any type of HVAC design.

HVAC engineering services

We have years of experience in engineering cost and energy efficient HVAC solutions. We fit the scope of our designs to our customers’ needs.

Energy requirements and environmental ratings are an integral part of our design. Our service is based on creating cost and energy efficient solutions.

We take into account any special needs or requests in the earliest parts of our designs. This is a critical part of keeping the project cost efficient and in schedule.

We are well acquainted with the respective legislation and practice models. Our designs are based on calculations with the most efficient simulation programs on the market.

Our HVAC engineering are suitable for:

  • Buildings of various sizes
  • Terraced houses
  • High-rises
  • Industrial halls
  • Industrial applications

Our paradigm

Our engineering service are customer-oriented as befits our slogan “Let us create better together”. Whether we’re working on a large or small project, our customers can count on the fact that the project will be implemented in accordance with their wishes, with professionalism and keeping to the schedule.

Every HVAC design we produce is exactly what our customers have asked for. Our designs are an essential part of realizing your HVAC solution and having it serve your needs. Remember, everything begins with design.

Our HVAC engineering are pivotal in producing cost and energy efficient solutions and systems.

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HVAC engineering and systems on a turnkey basis

In addition to custom designs, we offer HVAC systems on a turnkey basis. Our turnkey service also includes projecting, building services consulting, budgeting and project planning.

Our HVAC engineering expertise includes:

  • Cooling systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Project management and installation services
  • Measuring

HVAC-measuring service

In addition to design, we are also able to perform HVAC measuring services suitable for all buildings and locations. Our measuring services include preliminary studies, measuring, analysis and reporting. Our reports will include practical suggestions how to optimize HVAC systems.

We are able to provide the following measurements:

  • Airflow and pressure
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Air balance
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Water samples

HVAC engineering domestically and internationally

HVAC engineering is one of the corner stones of Karibu Ltd. We have years of experience in providing solutions both domestically and internationally. We’ve designed international solutions for our customers in Asia, Europe and the United States.